Poop Away Pet Waste Removal Service is here to make life easier for busy dog owners in the Raleigh/Durham North Carolina areas. We are here to clean up what your dog leaves behind. We find the poop and scoop it !

Do you love your dog, but "hate" constantly picking up after him? Are you looking for a way to take this unpleasant little task off your To "Doo" List?
Reclaim your back yard - It's DOG POOP and it has to go!!!!
It has no business being on your lawn and especially on your shoes being tracked into your home.

Ten Reasons to Hire 


Pooper Scooper Service

1. Storm water carries pet waste and other pollutants directly into waterways.

   2. Animal waste adds nitrogen to the water. Excess nitrogen depletes the water's oxygen, which is necessary for healthy underwater grasses, wildlife and fish.


   3. Animal waste may contain harmful organisms such as Giardia, Salmonella and E. coli that can be transmitted to humans and other animals by ingesting contaminated water.


   4. Hookworms and Roundworms deposited by infected animals can live in the soil for a long time and be transmitted to other animals and humans.


   5. It's the law! Many urban and suburban areas require you to pick up after your pet. Even if there is no restriction, cleaning up after your pet is the right thing to do.


   6. Those with physical limitations; which make it difficult or impossible to clean-up after their dog.


   7. Let's face it - no one likes to step in pet waste and spread it into homes, cars and businesses.


   8. Hiring POOPAWAY Pet Waste Removal Service save you time and the headache of arguing about who in the family is going to clean it up.


   9. Apartment and Town Home Communities that are looking for a solution to their dog waste problem.


   10. Your neighbors will appreciate the good manners!


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"We do our business after your pet does theirs"


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